Educational Considerations

What kind resources can be used to support students with specific learning disabilities in the classroom?

When a student is identified as having a specific learning disability, the school works with the students parent to create a plan to help them succeed in school called an IEP, which is the Individualized Education Program. This allows the student to receive resources, accommodations, assistive technology, and services that will support and help through school.

Tips and tricks for teachers to use to support students with specific learning disabilities:

  • Educate yourself about the many forms of learning disabilities. Also learn how to specific learning disability can effect the students behavior, emotionally, and mental state.
  • Learn about your students strengths and interest that can be used to enhance their learning. Give the student praise and provide many chances for the student to exercise what they learning. Practice makes perfect!
  • Place accommodations regularly into your class instruction to reach the needs of students with learning disabilities. For example, providing more time to finish tasks, making instruction more simple by using verbal or written instruction, voice recording notes, or using technology to assist them with writing difficulties.
  • Research and implement many testing modifications and prepare them by teaching them different ways to study as well as learning strategies.
  • Teach students how to organize school work and materials to keep track of assignments and when they are due.